Duck Dynasty and Miley Cyrus

America is a great big glass house full of rocks and mad men.

Case in point: this week’s Duck Dynasty controversy.

A fella from the deep south said some ugly stuff wrapped in ‘gospel’ about gays and blacks to a reporter, lost some reality t.v. work, but was not detained or jailed.

Supporters scream foul and freedom of speech and such. They claim that Miley Cyrus’ skinny flank is waved in our faces on a daily basis, and her revenue is enhanced.

Detractors scream for boycott, mock the religious conservatives, and basically exhibit an alarming lack of the tolerance they claim to promote and possess. Many were frequent viewers of the show (prior to the righteous rock toss), I might add.

The Duck Dynasty guy’s freedom of speech should be defended to the death, and all that.  His freedom of speech was not compromised. In fact, I believe his freedom of speech was amplified beyond that of the Guy On The Street due to his privilege as a media star. Likewise, Miley would just be another wayward white chick in a honkey tonk, harmless mostly, but for her privileged postion in a media that we consume like Big Macs.

What the Duck guy received was consequence – the result of actions or words. He lost some revenue, at least temporarily (frankly, in our freakish media market, he has probably promoted his brand ).

He lost a contract, not his freedom. He wasn’t detained or jailed. He’s going to be all right; so will Miley.

I’m more concerned with us. We consume like no one in the history of the world; I’ll argue that we argue more than most in the history of the world, too. Spiteful,  cantankerous quarrels that do nothing but divide a people that has never had more in common – most of us share wealth and freedom that is the envy of the world.

We have a hard time accepting our consequences. We have a hard time discussing our differences.

Here’s our chance, America; shall we tear each other apart, or make our free republic better?

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