Quality, Not Quantity

Each of my six hundred students see me twice a week for a total of sixty minutes. Time is money. To get the biggest bang for the taxpayer’s buck, I’d better be efficient.

I have been trained to economize my instruction by prioritizing  my content, and by teaching deeply, rather than broadly.  Robyn R. Jackson, in “Never Work Harder Than Your Student” supports my training by stating that some content should be emphasized and other content, when called for,  should be merely “covered” She aptly quotes Robert Marzano where he points out that there is simply not enough time to address all the mandates heaped upon the teacher. We must be wise about what we choose to showcase, and we’d better teach it with great depth.

In the case of my teaching, I would do well to devote more depth to the most high-frequency worlds in my target language (Spanish). The quickest way to fluency is by acquiring the language that is used most often.  I need to be deliberate about what language I use, shelter and scaffold it in a way that gets the most repetitions in the little time I am allowed to instruct.

Within the reality of our classrooms, less is more.

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