2 thoughts on “Teaching is Architecture

  1. Education is a seiries of analogies that have one as their foundation: I exist because God does. All knowledge and wisdom sprouts from that little nugget.(Oh yeh, it can't be science because the scientificn method is still a baby. What's 500 years in comparison to the valuable education of peoplennforr the millions prior?)

  2. Hmm…Is God a curriculum?Is God the boss I am beholden to?Is God the University professor?Is God my fears?Is God my vanity?Is God technology?Is God my resume?Is God a technique, method, or strategy?Is God the School Board?Maybe what I've been trying to convey in the last series of posts is that God isn't in any of the above. In my humble experience,God is in the eyes of the children I teach. The "stuff" listed above should only inform me, while the children's eyes, from which I sense their hearts, should be my slavish focus. May I teach to their eyes, maybe touch their hearts, and put the "stuff" in its proper perspective.Eye to eye. Relationships. Trust. Cannot package it and sell, so it ain't that popular.

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