Escenario 10

Scene 10
By Mom/Dad
Durango, Durango, Mexico

Cue Music: A slow country tune backed by Mrs. Soft Pickle strumming her instrument.
As the fog clears we see a park, in a small city, somewhere in North America.
       (Hint: it looks a lot like West Michigan and it is a Grand River.)
Two folding chairs are open near the river. In them sits an old man and his wife.
The music swells as a dark cloud gathers about them. A thunderous noise is heard growing louder and louder as a jet plane flies low over the river.
A large crate is dropped from the open door of the plane; a chute opens and the crate slowly drops to earth. S L O W L Y is starts to open.
The music continues to grow louder and faster.
Just as an opening appears in the crate a large explosion occurs sending the crate and the old couple sailing into the river.
Smoke and fog block the view as the scene and the music fade.

Cut to Commercial: The Loungemobile, the motorized lounge chair (easy-to-maintain canvas with aluminum frame, slant 6 mopar engine and a free cup holder if you order now)

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