Amor Asqueroso/ Escenario 5

Escenario 5
“No Le Pegue al Pepino”
Escrito por Niece Abby

Fade In: Fog swirls around the bridge as the woman of average breast size slowly strolls towards the men. She is well dressed, her trench coat obviously a Michael Kors and her lipstick a dark MAC Russian Red. 
Woman: Yes, I’m sorry I am late. My midterms kept me at the University longer than I planned. Do either of you know any Chemistry? Knowledge of this subject forsakes me. 
Pepino Suave: What is this?! Another language and now these useless ramblings about chemistry? I came here for a reason and this is a waste of my time!
Fournier: Yes, Miss Bonnie Montenegro am I correct? We are here to ask you about a young child that has been wrongfully taken-
Bonnie: Stop! Of course I know why you’re here! Who do you think I am?
Pepino Suave: …Bonnie Montenegro…? (to Fournier) you just said that, right?
Bonnie: Fools! I spend my days at the University researching the legend of Will Farrell. When I’m not studying chemistry, of course. I know about his family and his work. If you want to find Will Farrell, I’m your gal.
Fournier: (to Suave) What did I tell you? My sources were correct.
Bonnie: Your sources were wrong to tell you I would help you.
Pepino: But why not? I thought you were the expert on all things Farrell and Chemistry. 
Bonnie: Not chemistry, that tontería confuses me! But yes I do know about Farrell 
Fournier: Then tell us! We have the right to know the truth! (this will become somewhat of a catch phrase for the reporter) 
Pepino: Why are you such a liar!? You bring us here for nothing!
Bonnie: (Slaps pepino. For several seconds the trio stand in silence as the woman calms down) FINE! I will tell you. You can find all the answers about Will Farrell in that cementerio across the bridge. There is a crypt with his family name on it. Go there. Or find the set his movie is shooting on. I recommend going to the crypt, however. That seems more dramatic and scary. Now leave me! I have equations to balance!
Pepino: (his face still red from the slap) One last thing, Ms Montenegro. Why did you slap me? 
Bonnie: (pauses for a moment to think) Well, my old friend. No one had slapped anyone in a while. It seemed it was time. 
Fade out as dramatic music plays and fog swirls. 

3 thoughts on “Amor Asqueroso/ Escenario 5

  1. Anna and I want to play—so badly— but we don't want the heavy lifting of writing the concluding chapter. Way too much pressure! Can we be inserted somewhere in the middle instead of being added at the bottom of the list? Pixie

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