Recap: Amor Asqueroso

This weekend marks the fifth installment of the saga, “Amor Asqueroso“.   Niece Abby will be providing this weekend’s entertainment,  saving her sister Holly from being mangled to death by a printing press. Holly will do next week’s episode 6 (or die).
Has the plot got you tangled? Is Mr. Suave really in eastern Europe with the famous Ron Fournay and a mysterious women with average breasts, or is it some kind of feverish nightmare? Will the linoleum queen of Lick Skillet, PA keep Will Ferrel’s baby or send it away to Tito Sanchez’ Home for Wayward Ugly Babies? And Guapo Raul, what did he do with the other chalupa? Where will the lonely cowboys empty their bladders while the cold corpse of SB Raquelita lay in the urinal trough? Will Madonna and President Obama wrangle over custody of the kidnapped child? Why hasn’t anyone been slapped in the last 3 episodes, for crying out loud?  Finally, will Newt (Pepino Suave’s loyal ass laden with sacks of standardized tests, vocabulary quizzes, and other superfulous data) ever make it to the Tijuana Land Fill to dump his load? Stay tuned…

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