Telenovela Rules

  • Each participant will submit a scene when it is their turn in queue (see last entry).
  • Each participant has one week to produce their scene (some flexibility here).
  • If a participant neglects to post a scene, a scene will be posted by the author of this blog in its place, and the procrastinating participant will be a character featured in the scene who is cuckolded by his wife,  disowned by his parents, charged a hefty overdue fee at the library, and dies a horrible death, only to reappear miraculously in a future scene and killed again – even more horribly.
  • Each scene should mimic the telenovela style – over-the-top drama, big breasts, lots of yelling.
  • Each scene should flow into the next, as much as possible (even if an author has to stretch a bit)
  • Submissions should be sent to: I will post submissions to this blog as soon as they are received.
  • Participants are urged to subscribe to this blog (see upper right corner of the blog).

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