La Changa

Li’l Pepinita and the Author  2003

Swimming with my little girl in Lake Michigan is one of a billion great memories I have of being a daddy. Now I serve more as  an ATM  and taxi; back then I was all jungle gym. Li’l Pepinita crawled on me like a monkey no matter if I was playing or if I was trying to do chores.  I remember counting on her to join me when I putzed around the house – she loved to watch and ask all the questions that came to mind.
Still, there are those afternoons when she wants to throw the football around; or when you absently grabs for my hand when we walk the dog, are when she snuggles into me as we sit in church.
I’ll take what I can get and count myself the luckiest daddy in the world.
Papi contento,

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