We moved last fall. La Casa Pepino sold quickly and cheaply mid-summer, and we moved to Hogar Pepino just before the school doors open. It is an 80 year old house, tastefully updated over the years, and offers plenty of room for family and the accompaning livestock (Angel gets the upstairs, Luna downstairs and a portion of the backyard for her thing).

It being spring break and all, I aim to tear through the basement and garage. School and cold began before I could fully unpack and organize these last two portions of the estate. This morning I was pulling apart some anceint shelving in the basement. I grabbed some old newspaper lining the top shelf and read the dateline: August 12, 1984. It was on the masthead for a page of advertising (“Meijer Thrifty Acre 50th Anniversary”). As I continued busting up boards and prying nails, I reminisced about that period in my life. Here is what I remember about the year 1984:
1. I was a sophmore at college with an undeclared major and mounting student debt.
2. I worked summers in the maintainance department at an apartment complex, and midnights as a security guard during the school year.
3. The Detroit Tiger won the World Series against the San Diego Padres. Joe, Pete, and I watched the post-series celebration/inferno from the rooftop of the apartment complex on Jefferson avenue.
4. I rented a $200 a month upper flat in Hamtramck and drove a 76′ Malibu (silver/red cloth interior).
5. One semester of full-time tuition at the University of Detroit was roughly $1,500
6. “Owner of a Lonely Heart” Yes
7. “Dancing in the Dark” Bruce Springsteen
8. “Jump” Van Halen
9. The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
10. Miami Vice
11. Hair, hair brush, and shampoo
Mucha nostalgia,

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