Ski 2010

Pepinita bajando la loma.
We returned from our three day ski-fest in upper-lower Michigan this afternoon. We were gifted both sunshine and steady snow, perilous crashes into snow-caked trees, tumbles on turns and straight-aways, bruises, scratches, tongues scalded by hot chocolate, and toes raw from the cold.
Luna the Dumb Dog (still undiagnosed, but commonly assumed to be somewhere on the autistic spectrum) socialized with dumpsters, snow drifts, and fence posts, but otherwise avoided any wildlife, fellow canine, or humans.
Pepinita and dear friend Pegamata spent hours enjoying gravity and snow, chatting at high speeds, eating, talking about eating, arguing, laughing, arguing more, and laughing even more.
My esposada, Pepina, and I had it the best; we enjoyed skiing, and enjoyed watching the kids enjoy skiing.
We return feeling like the most fortunate people on earth.
P. Suave

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