Caca de Luna

Above is an overhead shot of Luna sniffing out an ideal in-house spot to empty her bowels. To the immediate left of the pooch is the leg of the author of these words. Below the dog and the leg is beautiful tile and an earth-toned grout that blends nicely with the hue of a healthy dog feces.
Tomorrow night is our fourth (4thCuarto) dog obedience session with the renown dog trainer, Entrenador Magnifico. If Luna’s obedience classes were similar to traditional schooling, she would be on a prescription by now. She really needs to be medicated in order to be social with the rest of the dogs in her class. She has been labeled since session 1 (ADD Dog). We got a lot of stink eye from fellow dog owners at our sessions. They are doggy judgemental. I might not be the most enthusiastic dog owner, but I do get defensive.
No ofenda me perra,
Pepino S.

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