Luna Llega

The family Suave has a new member. Four month old Luna “Lunatic” Fournier, a Brittney, arrived in early June. It has taken me most of the summer to acknowledge her residency in our home. I’m not a dog guy. I’ve even bought a rat for Pepinita in order to distract her desire for a canine. The rat died. I lost.
Above you see dear Pepinita rubbing Luna’s tummy, a common sight here in Pepinoville these days.
Luna is fond of chewing, running frantically with no destination in mind, peeing, pooing, belly rubs, head scratches, treats, answering commands for treats, and prompting our diabolical cat, Angel, to hiss.
Luna is relegated to the west wing of our estate, as the east is devoted to the cat and furniture we really care about.

Luna es loca,

P. Suave

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