Face Book

Dear Neglected Readers,
It has been a queer year. The olPepino has graced this fare blog with few entries; and even those were lame snap shots and cut-and-pastes (save the latest entry informing pepino fans of the recent Flarp Cup championship upset. Truly newsworthy, that). It is as if a mailaise has swept Pepinoville. A pickled funk.
I finally feel compelled to address the issue in public, on this very blog (cherished and reknow, as it is, by countless millions). The catalyst for this entry is the fact that Pepino Suave, the author of these words, finds himself on FACEBOOK.

[Appropriate stunned silence.]

Let’s face it, Pepinophiles, we knew something was up for awhile: lame entries, pictures of sunsets. Yuck. That is stuff of mortal bloggers. What finally drove my to a searching and fearless self-assessment (thank you to my friends at Pepinos Anonymous) was when I hit cyber-bottom and registered for my own FACE BOOK PAGE.
It happened so quickly, I hardly new what I had done, until I discovered myself reading what my teenage cousin was going to do after her shift at Walgreens. Initially, this naive pickle intended to register for the diabolical site merely to peruse some offerings of a national association of left-handed actuaries, a pet interest of mine, whose site I was directed to by well meaning fans of southpaw risk investigators. Before you know it, shazam!, I’m reading about cousin Gabe’s puppy love. It was a meaningless-data-lined trap, set for this curious, but mis-directed pickle.
[Sigh of resignation]

My dimming self respect aside, there is a disturbing thrill to know that, right now, Uncle Russ is “doing errands and then din-din”, and brother Ciego just got “the starter motor out, and am heading up to Wall marts“, and old neighbor Ruth is “going to Pattersville for the wedding hope to see you there”, and that my sweet little nieces, still in my memory dressed in their white communion dresses, use saucy language to say things that would win them a mouth full of Irish Spring if they tried that at Grandma’s website. Face book has made me the pickled voyeur of behavior that keeps family and friend reunions a, mercifully, annual affair. Now I can access it daily from my laptop.



3 thoughts on “Face Book

  1. Dear Pepino Suave,For lord's sake, don't get caught up in that facebook nonsense. Remain blissfully unaware until your daughter forces it upon you. If it brings someone to the level of using the phrase "din-din", what more do you need to know?We are very glad to see you back and look forward to hearing from Pepina as well.By the way, our 8 year old taught one of our 6 year olds the mother of all curse words yesterday. He was so petrified he claimed he washed his own mouth out with soap.Kitty and Chris +4

  2. Hi! It's pepinita! since you've chosen to get back on, I have too! Unfortunatly, I forgot my password. So, now I'm htp://pepenitaspot.blogspot . I'm on face book too!Write me soon! Pepinita

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