Winter break is not for the weak-hearted. I can hear the jeers from thousands of Suave fans as they react to this comment. Still, the truth is, not everyone can handle huge gobs of vacation time. If I’m wrong, I challenge you to quit your current job and join the ranks of us “seasonally employed”. Can you live up to the society’s huge expectations of those compelled to fill hours of free time?
Why, I am writing this blog smack-dab in the middle of an island of rest and relaxation: one of Public Education’s many ironies, the Christmas Vacation. For an institution that frowns at any form of personal expression beyond the book report, seems odd that it closes for a couple of weeks in the name of a Messiah. Come on, the “Holiday Break” hardly masks the intent. Ho-ho.
While most of the adult world labors in darkness, let me share with you a day in the life of an idle man. Let’s review yesterday, the day after Christmas, which just happens to be celebrated by half the world while school is out.
1. Woke up, checked for paper (mere ceremony)
2. Tinkered with one of Pepinita’s toys that I have not yet assembled as needed
3. Gathered layers of clothes and skates
4. P. Suave and the chicks left the house in search of a sheet of ice
5. After circling town, found some free skating at a rink on our side of town (thank goodness we took the Asian Express. The Bavarian Express would have sucked a tank of gas)
6. Skated in wide circles, pausing to fall from time to time. The highlight was watching Pepinita practice jumping over the boards to sit on the bench, “like they do on t.v.”, and then jumping over the boards back onto the ice. She found much more diversion in this than in actually skating. A rink employee eventually came around to tell us we had to stay on the ice, didn’t want anyone cracking their cranium.
7. Picked up our good friend and Free Market Fanatic, Contable, and drove back across town to a warehouse of bulk merchandise. We bought things we never intended, but saved a ton of dough.
8. Dropped Chicks off at the Butcher of Pepinoville for a shampoo and haircut.
9. Balanced check book
10. Ate dinner of left-over Christmas ham and read until bedtime

You, too, can live the life of Riley. Join us, won’t you?

Disfrutando del tiempo libre,


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