El Domingo Feo

Snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain has pummeled Metropolitan Pepinoville since early yesterday evening. Thankfully, the cats and dogs aren’t in this particular biblical weather system.
The Good Pastor Julie has assigned Yours Truly to be the Lutheran Weather Watchman for Pepinoville’s Lutheran Saints of the Potluck Church and Fellowship Hall. I’ll count it as my stewardship for this season (Note to Pastor: what box on the envelope do I check?).
As Lutherans aren’t tied to the ol‘ salvation by deeds, I don’t really have to shovel snow or scrape ice. My obligation extends to looking at the frozen muck, pondering “why is this?”, and having faith that it, too, will pass in time; like every worldly event but maybe the Easter Vigil service (attended once by my Upper Case Catholic family members who still swear that its length and relative monotony exempt them from mass for a year. Its like paying penance forward, they claim).
The Good Pastor has this humble lamb stationed out in front of the church at dawn, bound in long underwear and a baggy winter coat, to inform her decision to close service or not (which is irrelevant ’cause Lutherans don’t let Acts of God stop us. We’d drive miles in a plague of flying frogs to get to Coffee Hour). Still, it gives this olPepino a purpose beyond my action-packed Sunday School lessons (I plan to have the Junior Christians play Books of the Bible Bumpity-Bump-Bump this morning, weather permitting [Kids stand in a circle, me in the middle, and if I point to you, you have to shout out your book of the Bible before I say Bumpity-Bump-Bump. Stinks to be Thessalonians]).
See ya’ in the Narthex!

Ten fe,

Pepino “Weatherman” Suave

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