Feliz Cumpleanos

It is brother Casi Italiano’s birthday today. As well, it is Veteran’s day in the U.S., and Remembrance day in Canada. It is appropriate that we remember our veterans on CIs birthday. Why, he is a veteran himself, a veteran of mishaps and misfortune. You may remember, Neglected Reader, the tale of CI’s fall from a tree which rendered him without memory of his own name until dinner time (see December, 06 entries). Or the time the author of these words inadvertently set CI’s beetles-style mop afire with a book of matches. Or the time he ran full-force, face-first smack into an oak tree as he chased Sil the Milkman’s truck, hoping for a free Popsicle (instead, he got a bag of frozen peas to ebb the swelling); a side note, CI still doesn’t look where he is running, he simply doesn’t run anymore. Hasn’t smacked an oak since. I digress. Or the time he developed such a taste for corn on the cob he was hospitalized for corn-induced constipation. Ouch. Or the time he simultaneously smoked-out and skunked-out a neighbors house while babysitting. Fault CI for using the ornamental logs to start the fire in the ornamental fire place, but the skunk in the crawl space was some Higher Power’s idea of a punch line. Divine overkill, if you ask me. Give the kid a break, for 2 Canadian bucks an hour to watch kids, you’re lucky the cherubs are only hickory smoked and stinky by the end of the night. Pardon, again, the digression. As funny as that CI story is, I have the filial urge to defend.
He ain’t heavy. He’s my brother.
Let’s doff our caps to our Casi Italiano today, and bid him a fine birthday.
CI, my legions of Readers and I wish you a year rich in fortune and an idle health care deductible.

Tu hermano,

Pepino Suave

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