Hi America. It has been awhile since this olPepino has tapped out an entry. Sorry for the lapse. It is not that I have forgotten you, dear Readers. No, I am simply re-tooling. I’ve changed jobs, Dear Pepina has joined the work force full-time (and is breaking in a new co-worker), and Li’l Talea enters mid-elementary.
Yes, I’ve resigned my position at Pepinoville Public Schools and moved on to Pepinoville Heights Public Schools (the districts motto: No Free Lunch Here). I’ve been busier than a one-legged man on an obstacle course.
Seems the goal of my current bastion of lower learning is to teach well while being as busy as possible doing so. It is a less reflective and more reactive environment, to say the least.
One last reflection before I start another day reacting:
I thought fund-raising was done when funds were needed. The fact that extremely wealthy communities perform countless fundraising activities seems a bit redundant. You’ve already raised the funds, people, and then some. Why re-raise funds you already have a lot of (pardon the dangle)? Get this: recently, our school in The Heights raised thousands of dollars by selling tickets to a dance that never existed. No kidding – they called it a “No-Show Ball”. The gimmick is you just buy a ticket, and you don’t have to go through the bother of going to the ball. Thousands of dollars for a no-show event. No wonder these folks are rich. Ingenious. No overhead. Just sell the tickets.
Maybe I could sell them on No-Learn Fifth Grade. I’d be the richest man in education. Pay me, your kids don’t have to show up to my room. Ever. Chaching.

Pensandolo bien,

Profesor Suave

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