Li’l Pepinita is a caution. While in Mexico, we visited a spring-fed water park. It was 4-some acres of water ponds, pools, rivers, and crazy trial lawyer loving recreation stuff: cement diving boards, slippery cement steps, deep water with currents, swings, rope walks, Tarzan ropes, and so much more.
Li’l Pepinita is pictured here just before, and while, she jumped from about 20 feet into the mouth of the spring. The spring itself was about 40 feet wide and spewed hundreds of gallons of water every minute, feeding the park with crystal clear, cool water.
She surfaced unscathed several times. Her day was cut short, though, when she belly flopped 8 feet off the rope bridge into a swift river. I dropped my taco and dove in to assist mi vida, only to have her hand me her pink swim shoes so she could swim herself to shore. Hardy stock.

No nado nada,

Pepino S.

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