Chicharrones, called pork rinds on this side of the border, have no carbohydrates. Besides that, fried pork skins have nothing to contribute to overall health. Yet, they are crunchy, salty, melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I love them so much that, occasionally, I eat enough in one sitting to satisfy my saturated fat level for a month. Front-loading.
During our Mexico trip we had the opportunity to witness the confection of the porcine treat. We visited a self-sustaining orphanage. That is, the residents (children from infants to teen-age) and the staff cultivate and prepare their own food.
At the top of this entry, you see a coldron of hot oil with pig skin floating on top, followed by a picture of a future bag of pork rinds. Just below him is a wheel-barrow of slop gleaned from the cafeteria left-overs, and used to feed the hogs. You can also see the cooking area, with wood piled high to fuel the cooking fire. The last picture shows the pig pens (similar in sight and smell to Li’l Pepinita’s bedroom).
Pepino Porcigla

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