Bang! Pow! Boom!

Due to Opa’s health concerns, La Familia Sauve had postponed our summer journey south of the border. We will leave early next week, while sister Agronima and neices Bailarina y Barista take care of things Opa.
Li’l Pepinita has become a raquetball nut. Since Tio Chris came to town with his raquet, she has acquired a keen interest in slapping balls against walls. We’ve played twice this week at the YPCA, and she still hasn’t had enough.
Do my words seem a little droopy? Do you sense some fatigue in ol’ Pepino? Pardon the malaise, but I’m still catching up on sleep lost due to the Nieghborly Pyromaniac Nightly Firework Display performed by our Pepinoville nieghbors. Seems a calendar and local ordinance codes need be sent to our fair firebugs. Last count, our sleepy lane consists of 4 babies, 11 school-age children, and several twitchy house pets that might be considered before lighting illegal explosives well before an appropriate occasion.
We’ll be gone on the 4th….


Pepino Vecino

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