Yankees/Red Sox

O.K. I went to Boston last weekend and was supposed to write about it while I was there. I was too busy getting there and getting back to write. So I’ll provide a Boston BlogLog, patent pending:

1. Drive to Pepinoville International Airport and the show begins.
2. Fly backwards in time to Chicage, only to arrive the same time I left Pepinoville.
3. Dask to my gate for the next flight. Mid-dash purchase water for the same price as a gallon of gas.
4. Arrive in Boston, walk to bus shuttle, get off at T-station, and take the train to downtown. I’m at my hotel within a half-hour, plane-to-lobby. Love that muddy water.
5. As I cross the lobby, my Pepino Phone rings, its our friend Meeker on the line, a Beantown resident, telling me she’ll meet me in twenty minutes.
6. I’m led on a history-walk thrue downtown Boston, led by dear Meeker. We stop and watch the Yankee/Red Sox game at every bar along the walk. We libate, too.
7. Hear the tune, “Love that Muddy Water” on a constant loop in my head.
8. After too little time, see Meeker off, and attend some serious sit n’ git meetings.
9. Repeat steps 1,2, 3, and 4 in reverse, and arrive in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Me encanta el lodo,


P.D. Mil gracias Meeker. Volvemos pronto…

1 thought on “Yankees/Red Sox

  1. Hola P. Suave! Glad to hear that you had fun in B-town. Will I get an invite to Nationals or do we “old” fulbrighters just show up?glad things are well!Michele

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