Semana Soleada

  • Li’l Pepinita got a double. Yesterday, she stepped up to the plate and sent a ball into the outfield. As a veteran in the coach-pitch softball league, the girl is hitting her stride. Last year she watched alot of balls, and struck out tons, too. We’re not sure she even had fun. This year, she is running out to position, running into the bench, and laughing all the time. Swatting the ball like she is paid to. It helps that her team mates are enjoying the game and learning, as well.
  • Bompa, Grandma, Pepina, Li’l Pepinita and Yo spent yesterday afternoon playing in the sun at family friend Ardy’s house. We tore up part of her yard, planted stuff, and fetched a stuck Pepinita out of a tree. In the evening, Ardy treated us to pizza, ice cream, and a Skippo game or two at Opa’s house.
  • Li’l Pepinita and her Li’l Pal sang a duet, “Jesus Take the Wheel”, in her school’s talent show last week. They’re Idol bound one day.
  • I got the blade off the lawn mower, finally.
  • How ’bout them gas prices.
  • Can’t beat the weather.

I think I’ve run out of points to bullet. Enjoy your week. I will.


P. Suave

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