The winter blues, mid-age funk, the-world-coming-to-and-end getting to you? Pepino S. has the answer for you: the daily cartoons. Watching/listening/reading the daily news slowly began to effect olPeppy. Iraq, angry conservatives, angry liberals, the economy, shockingly inept people-in-leadership, missing children, failed good guys, successful bad guys, all worked its way to make Yours Truly truly befuddled. News wasn’t informing, it was simply depressing.
Until I turned to the daily comics. I’m not burying my head in the sand, no, I’m burying my head in Peanuts, Dennis the Menace, et al. Anything illustrated with a pen except Doonesbury (my fellow cartoon jonsers call it “Doomsbury“).
Join us in our fight against media enhanced reality. Escape to the comics.

Salgo de la realidad,

Pepino “Mandrake” Suave

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