Pepino Musical

Pepino Suave’sLondon Bridges” remix, “Orejas, Ojos, Nariz, Boca“, has become a Yippie Skippie Top Ten hit throughout Pepinoville and the greater Pepinoville area. Kids are singing it in the hallways, minivans, and living rooms across the county. As they point to the appropriate facial features, the kids belt out the simple, yet inspired tune. Meanwhile, parents wince in pain.
The lyrics, for our Readers, are provided below, free of charge. No obligation. Keep your wallet in your pocket:

Orejas, ojos, nariz, boca
Nariz, boca
Nariz, boca
Orejas, ojos, nariz, boca
Mucho pelo!
Ears, eyes, nose, mouth
Nose, mouth
Nose, Mouth
Ears, eyes, nose, mouth
Lots of hair!
As the last line is sung, we run our fingers through our hair, or pat our pate, depending our own own personal hair line. Many Pepino Pupils take the opportunity, each time the song is performed, to point out the irony of my participation in the song. Bless the children.
Me pagan por eso,
Profesor Suave

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