Las Mananitas

Tomorrow, Pepina celebrates 40 years on this pickled planet. My child bride is all growed up. Li’l Pepinita and I set out to take her on a Two Score Tour of the State. We had planned on taking her a few hours North to cross-county ski with her shiny-new cross country skis (hand selected by P.Suave His Self). Ironically, six inches of snow fell during the March Pepinoville night, and we got stuck in our own driveway at the outset of the journey. We decided on a much shorter trip. We found ourselves at a snow board park a nary 20 minutes from Casa Suave. Pepina and Li’l Pepinita giggled and tumbled for a few hundred acres, and then returned to the shed for hot cocoa. We’re renting a room about five city blocks from our home, and are pretending we are at a ski lodge up North.
It’s working.
See ya’ on the slopes.

Demasiado nieve,

Pepino Resbaloso

5 thoughts on “Las Mananitas

  1. hola! como estas? yo esta asi asi………ok i really dont feel like typing in spanish…….im sorry……..!! what school does Thalia go to?just wondering…..always, one of your students,Bella~

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