Joe & Pete

The 324th annual Winter Series of Euchre With the Boys tournament was held this weekend in slippery Pepinoville. Pepina and I competed against each other, teamed with the Detroit Duo of Joe (my mate) and Pete (Pepina’s partner), for two days of neck-to-neck Euchre competition. The 24 hour throw-down was only interrupted by a hockey game and a short nap. By the time the Motor City Mad Men left, the result was:

Joe and Pepino S. 10 games won
Pete and Pepina, 9 games won

A pity game was held just before the Mad Men’s departure. The results of which are inconsequential.

The 325th Annual Summer Series of Euchre with the Boys will be held during a Pepinoville Pukes homestretch in July. Joe and I expect a repeat in the heat.

Good game.


P. “BarajaSuave

P.D. Those who have followed the august Euchre Series with the Boys might expect a bitter entry regarding this weekend’s competition on beloved Pepina’s blog soon. Give her time…

PD2 Reruns. Refer to the July 23, 2006 entry about Joe and Pete’s last visit to Pepinoville for the 324th Summer Series of Euchre with the Boys. It was another hallmark weekend. It was the one that Talea faced her mascotophobia, and we all received free bread. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Joe & Pete

  1. What Tim failed to mention, we were down 9 – 7, facing elimination, but we used our superior Euchre skills to make the greatest comeback in Comstock Park history.It was a pity game. The purpose was to allow Pete and Ingrid to continue on with their lives, not to mention getting a great nights sleep…

  2. Partner Joe,First, and foremost, I neglected to transcribe the unprecedented comeback in the tournament, as well as several stunning match comebacks, on purpose. Our ability to look failure in the eye and say, “Go away you!” is already well known to the Euchre Series officionados. Our nerve and cunning, by now, is expected. No, anticipated.Secondly, your geographics pale in comparison to your ability to follow my lead. Why, the tournament was held in Pepinoville, Silly, not Comstock Park. The Comstock Park P.O. doesn’t want to see the “likes of us” around there anymore. Something about airborne loaves of bread…Toot-a-loo fair compadre,P. “What’s Trump?” Suave

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