Una Conversacion Estudiantil

Exhibit 1 of “The Attention Span of a First Grade Language Class“:

Teacher asks class, in Spanish, “What day is it today?” (translated for the monolingual)
Girl walks up to teacher, “My dad’s in the hospital.”
Teacher, “Your dad’s in the hospital? What happened?”
Girl replies, “His arm hurts so they’re going to take out his tonsils and a piece of his tongue.”
Teacher, in shocked tone, “Oh me, oh my!”

***Hours later***
Girl’s dad, “Hi Profesor Suave. How’s trix?”
Teacher, “Hi Girl’s Dad. Say, hear tell your arm hurts, so they’re trimming some meat off you?!”
Girl’s Dad, “Some HMO, no?”
Me pagan por eso,
Prof. Suave

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