Demasiado Frio

No Snow Day, today, schoolmates. It’s a Cold Day. That’s right; school is out for the cold, and the hard pack snow on Cuke County roads. The last substantial snow was Saturday. Since then we’ve had single digit temperatures that won’t let salt or radiant sun do the job on the snow. Yesterday Opa Suave and I took to the streets and highways inspite of the conditions. The weather heads were right on the money; there wasn’t a single stretch of road in decent condition. Hence, this is the second day of school closings.
Sunday, the list of church closings was longer than the “bar” listings in the Hamtramck yellow pages.
What with all the school and church closings, it is still amazing to see parking lots full at “non-essential” stores like the appliance stores and such. Gotta have a certain attitude to ignore warnings and take your ton or so of sheet metal out onto the ice at great speeds in order to shop. Just me.
The paperboy has delivered his bundle of propaganda throughout this blizzard like a mailman. Sunday, I was so inspired by his timely delivery during a painfully cold dawn, that I called his home and told his momma. Here’s to the paperboy delivery guy fellah. They don’t raise ’em like that anymore.
My brother’s and I were paperboys. We speak a certain language. We get it. I’m am sure Casi Italiano and Periodista are both staring at their monitors right now, nodding in silent understanding. Hey guys, remember the costumer that never tipped but would call home and tell Mom what great paperboys we were? “May Sunday’s paper land on his roof” we’d say. “Compliments don’t pay for braces” Pops Suave would mutter. “Tighter then a Dutchman” Granny would add, never suspecting that one of hers might one day betroth someone of the, shall we say, Dutch persuasion.
Ah, the days of hand-held news. We delivered in all elements, to folks of all races, creeds, and gum diseases. Look at us now.
Here is to all you hardy folk out there, like our newspaperboy guy, that serve us regardless the weather or thriftiness of those you serve.

Con mucho respeto,

P. Suave

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