Blog Log ll

Wow. This Blog Log thing is really taking off. The Bob the Gorilla Warehouse of Yippee-Skippee YaddaYadda is being inundated with calls, faxes, and smoke signals for more of Pepino Solo’s daily goings-on. No football on the tube today, one guesses. Here goes:

1. See yesterday (‘cept a pinch of churchen added. Sunday School rocked. We made surprised faces and said, in wonder and in unison, “ooooooohhhh!”, to demonstrate an epiphany).
2. Rinse and repeat.
3. Then the neighbors Peloteros, sent over some hot soup. Two kinds, potato and cheese, were hand delivered by the young Peloteros, Atleta, and Chica Americana. Fantastic timing, as the author of these words was just about to pour milk on a bowl of GrapeNuts. I no sooner thanked the young’uns than I opened up the whipped cream container of Potato soup and went to town. Man, it was good. I was so enthused, I moved to eat the soup in front of the bay window, in case the neighbors wanted to see for themselves how much I was enjoying the soup. Weird but sincere. Delicioso. Many thanks, Peloteros. You got my back. I got yours (better keep a hand on your wallet Mr. Pelotero Pepino pickpocket.).
4. Watched Joe Crocker sing, “Get By (with a little help from my friends)” on YouTube. Ever wonder how fickle fame is? Simon would of booted the fellow Englishman in the first round and made fun of his looks, no cabe duda.

Florida update: Li’l Pepina called to report that she held a 3 foot crocodile in her lap this afternoon. Thanks for watching my kid, Pops. I always felt safe while you raised me. Come to think of it, I rode on the handlebars of speeding Harleys, played in streets and alleys, rode a bike without a helmet, rode in the backseat-facing backwards sans seatbelt of a station wagon throughout childhood, shared an orange bedroom with two brothers and lots of sharp corners, inhaled smoke second-hand, stepped on a crack, so on and so forth. Makes a crocodile in the lap of a child seem so innocent..
Pepina seems to be enjoying herself, as well. Check out her blog. She hasn’t written anything in days. Girl’s got a life…She is watching the Grease audition show tonight. Wish I could watch her face. I might take a picture of her Grease Face one day for this esteemed blog. Nothing like her Grease Face. Watching her watch a t.v. show is worth a million clams. She views t.v. with passion.

Vuelo solo,


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