Hace Frio

This week, the good people of Pepinoville are distracted from their constant concern about global warming. It has been colder than the dickens (Grannyism. Look for it in a near future entry) in and around Cuke County.
Cold weather brings an interesting phenomena to the hallways of the schools. I like to call it the Snow Pants Shuffle. It is the sound of nylon against nylon as kids swish through school, leg rubbing against leg, creating static electrical charges that could fuel the school, if harnessed. The climax of the SP Shuffle is the contorted gymnastics most kids endure in getting out of or into their snow pants. Nothing like standing at my doorway watching kids struggling with their winter wraps as they gossip with each other. A millions times more entertaining than America’s Funniest Videos, a Suave Family tradition.

Me pagan por eso,

Profesor Suave

2 thoughts on “Hace Frio

  1. Hey Pepino, Love the new family pix on the website ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re a day away from heading home. How did you cope with “re-entry?”.Thanks,The Northern Irish Mama Llama

  2. Mama L., I didn’t. It was pretty seemless, as it was only a semester. In fact, I still feel it all went too fast. I am still pulling lessons from the experience, though. Mexico is a great frame of reference and source of comparison/contrast for what I do here in the U.S.Hope your re-entry is as smooth as mine was.All best,P. Suave

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