Fortress of Commerce

No entries since Christmas as Pepino Suave accidently snipped the phone wires while excavating the Casa Sauve basement. . No problem, as we had already planned an overnighter on the other side of the state. Sister Monja and brother Casi Italiano both hosted us in their respective abodes over the course of two days of eating, playing table games, and eating.
As we returned to Pepinoville today, we passed by the oasis of marketeering: the outlet malls. After miles of midwest, midwinter fields, barns, and greyness, the Pepino Suave Express II turned off the interstate and into the Fortress of Commerce. I dropped the Pepina Chicks off at the Children’s Place outlet, and doubled back to the gas station to fill up the PS Express II. Upon returning to the Bastion of Bancruptcy, my savvy and spendthrift family had made the following purchases:

1 package socks
1 Martin Luther King big book, Spanish edition
1 baby bib set (for new baby of friends)
1 outfit for Li’l Pepinita

I am blessed with a dear Dutch wife.

Super tacano (you put the tilde over the “n”),


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