Pepino Aleman

One of the finest actors to ever come out of the Bob el Gorila Not Ready for Snack Time Studio, Coco Loco (mas hermoso que George Clooney, mas intelegente que Einstien), gifted Sr. Suave with the fine pickled ornament you see above. Needless to say I was touched by the sentiment as well as the creativity. This ode to all Pepino will hang in a prominent part of the Suave Family tree, between Pepina’s Field Hockey Girl ornament and L’il Pepinita’s Cheetah Girls ornament.
The Pickle ornament is actually part of a German tradition. The ornament brings good luck to the child who finds it on Christmas morning. The lucky cherub who finds the gherkin gets a bonus gift from the Santa. !Dichoso!
To Coco Loco we send our sincerest thanks, with admiration for your considerable bilingual acting skills. Es obvio.

Con mucha admiracion,

Profesor Suave

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