The good people at Pepino Suave Yippee Skippee Multi-Lingual Games, Songs, and Stories (PSYSMLGSS) aren’t in the business of endorsing products. Sure, we promote famous, beautiful, intelligent actors, like Rosa Rosada, Lindisima, and Coco Loco, but rarely do we ever endorse a manufactured product. O.K, maybe the odd rubber chicken, rubber chicken cannon, or rubber chicken toss-toy, but other than that, we try to stay out of the free market. Nonetheless, we feel compelled to share with you some products that our cherished readers need to know about:

Headblade – the headblade, and its line of accesories (HeadSlick Shave Cream, HeadSlick Head Balm, Head Slick Coffee Mug, etc.) are revolutionary tools for the hygiene of the face enriched/hair challenged. No longer is Pepina burdened with the weekly shaving of Pepino Suave’s rock. Free at last! For more information, go to Shine on, crazy Bald Guy! Pepina won’t know what to do with her free time…

Psylium Fiber – Two words that could be combined into one : Regularity. “Natural Bulk Producing Fiber” reads a descripition. Yours Truly couldn’t describe it better, or more tactfully. Lowers cholestor, as well (just as an after thought).

Long Johns – From October to early April, these cotton classics are a Familia Suave staple.
Roof Rake – Keeping lake-affect (effect?) snow off the Casita Suave eves has become a winter ritual. Better that a roofing ritual…

Cereal (your own favorite brand) – Eaten as the dinner meal, cereal is quite a treat. Try it.

Un negociante sin verguenza* (o simplemente sin verguenza*),

Pepino “Coco Brillante” Suave

*If you truly need those two little dots over the “u” to make the world linguistic-cool (oops, did it again), use a washable marker on your monitor. We don’t have the technological savvy to keyboard Spanish punctuation. Es obvio.

2 thoughts on “Productos

  1. Hiya Pepino. We’ve got two weeks til Christmas break, two weeks of break, a nd then two weeks til we go home. It has gone so fast. We’ve made great friends, had great food, and I’ve given two TPRS demos (one to the mod language teachers and one to the admin.) Wonderful here, but still it will be nice to be home!Michele

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