Just in: Pepino Suave’s two Friday schools, Uncle Paddy’s Home for the Wayward Angels, and Blessed Breading are closed due to snow and ice.
Instead of my usual teaching threads, I will don my long undies and tackle the Sauve One-Car Driveway, as it accumulates what the Pepinoville Channel 8 Weatherman calls “precipitation”.
May all those Pepino Suave friends, family, and oficionados not enjoying a snow cancelation be careful on those roads. Bring ’em back alive (and if you think of it, with a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, and a dozen eggs. Thanks).



11 thoughts on “Confirmado

  1. Just rain here in the Detroit suburbs….just rain, rain, rain……Stepped off the curb this morning and ended up in 3 feet of cold, icy water. The road was flooded. Waded through the pond towards my car. I hate wet socks.

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