Mouths of Babes

Today was one of those rainy-high-pressure-no-outside-recess kind of days at The Home For Wayward Angels, one of the schools where I teach. Kids, all classes, all grades, were unusually full of life. I saw behavior and heard comments that are more common in early September than late November.
At the very end of the day the rain came down like it was paid to, and all the jittery kids were waiting in the main hallway. One little girl, clad with a pancho and a hood, ran up to me and exclaimed, “Pepino Suave, look, I have a hood!”
I thanked her for making me aware of her head gear.

Con mucho paciencia,

Profe. Suave

1 thought on “Mouths of Babes

  1. Hmm a little behind on the cat poop one but just wanted one to be aware that sometimes one sticks and just won’t let go at the right time (you know that feeling??) Anyway it happens to my beloved boy on occasion – would hate to walk around with that hanging from my bum! When Gravity kicks in it all works out – just maybe in the living room! LOL

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