Honey Crisp

You have not had an apple until you’ve tried an Honey Crisp. It’s candy disquised as fruit. Adam would get a little more empathy from us sinners had he been offered a Honey Crisp by naggy Eve.
I didn’t understand all the talk about the biblical fruit until I finally ate one the other day. It’s just like they say: sweet as honey, and crisp as, well, it’s crispy.
What are you doing? Go get yourself a Michigan Grown Honey Crisp.

Me qusta la manzana,


*This message brought to you by the Michigan Fruit Growers Association.

4 thoughts on “Honey Crisp

  1. hola! yo esta asi asi, y tu? (Usted) I figured since we’re all friends here I could call you the “friend” you not the higher authority! What school were you at in your picture? It doesn’t really look like ours so I figured it’s a different school! So how’s Thalia? It nice to actually be able to meet her the other day! She’s so CUTE!!! Bella~P.S. sorry for the long comment!

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