I woke up to an unsolicited email from a be-suited banker, broke and over-weight, claiming he “told me so” (he has ” told me so” about dieting and finance, too). Apparently the early results of yesterday’s election made him feel rightously (sp?) vindicated. As well, he apparently felt the elections somehow castigated the likes of this humble pepino. He didn’t vote. I did.
Regardless of what the be-suited banker may believe, I don’t have a particularly strong political persuasion. However, I am happy for the very independent Mr. Joe Lieberman. His party, that of the “people”, all tolerant and open minded, jumped off his band wagon faster n’ a pickle on a wet dinner plate, and he still won an election; by a bunch, too.
Locally, we give our sentiments to the biggest loser, dollar for dollar, Mr. DeSoap. Although he invested more money into the gubenatorial campaign than the U.S. has spent in Iraq, his bubble burst big time. Mr. DeSoap, you still have your “soap”. Or lots of people to sell your “soap”. Or lots of people to recruit lots of people to sell your….
And finally, the electorate was convinced that school funding is bad for business. No well educated child is going to get in the way of making a buck in this state. Proposal 5 flunked.

Bien confundido,

P. Dedo Morado Suave

9 thoughts on “Post-Election

  1. Ah, yes, we may not care for children’s education. We may be convinced that us white folk are just suffering from too much discrimination. But we drew the line somewhere…darned if we’ll shoot doves! (Not that I’m condoning it…where’s the sport in if for gosh sake!)Pastora

  2. No kidding Anonymous! That’s great! Besides, doves are delicious anyway.Mr. DeSoap didn’t win. Yo tiene malo. Oh well. There’s always the next 4 years.?Pepino Suave, como si dice bear?Coco Loco

  3. Sorry, but that school funding proposition was badly marketed. All I got out of it was that teachers were going to get a lot more in their retirement pockets. Maybe not the true story, but that was all I heard. If it really was good for education, someone should have been out there explaining it to the uneducated electorate.

  4. Dear anonymous,I agree.I will sense the irony when I see “people out there” explaining a great need for qualified math, science, language, bilingual teachers. Oh, don’t forget minority teachers.Grubbing money,PS

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