If I got one call about my promise to review Ron Fournier’s Applebee’s America, I got a million. Tranqui, tranqui, nieghbors, I’ll get to it. I only finished the tome of marketing wisdom a week ago. I guy has to digest all the universal truth it contains, and peep at the new issue of Mad Magazine before a guy can synthesis how it has changed a guy’s course in life. Chill.
My long awaited comments on reknown author, wiffle ball allstar, and quick-witted recontour Ron Fournier and his Pulitzer-bound tear-jerker, Applebee’s America will appear in various November entries. As Granny would say, “Keep your pants on. Or, ” Hold your horses. Or, “Where’s the fire”. Or, a sharp, stinging thimble pie to the temple.

Super ocupado,
Pepino Suave

1 thought on “Applebee’s

  1. Excuse me,Pepino Swatflies, but I believe I was the all-star. My Uncle Charlie (cool for curveball) was unhittable. I remember a couple of hermanos chacing my bombs (homers, of course) across the road. That fat bat was cool! Now leave me alone.

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