En Camino

I’m in Pennsylvania as I file this entry. Can you tell? The clan Suave, accompanied by Opa and dear friend Patriota, have spent the weekend in Pepina’s hometown, a sleepy burough tucked into the hills of south east P.A. We’re here to attend the wedding of two great youngsters – our beautiful niece, Simpatica, and her fine beau, Electrico. The wedding was great, as were the sights. We saw a vivacious Penn-Dutch gal dance in a pig trough. We saw Pepina’s childhood surrogate Mom, Mrs. Conversar, clean a floor while maintaining a, frankly, very engaging chat with her visitors. Pepinita and I experienced the plight of an ilegal alian; we hitched a ride to the wedding in the back of Agronomista’s cauliflower truck. When, in the wet darkness of the post-wedding evening, Uncle Doble Pensionado opened the back of the truck and peered over the mounds of vegetable at our wide eye selves, Pepinita and I feared it was the Migra, and we had no papers. What fun!
All this, and more, when I get back to headquarters. Stay tuned and the author of this blog and his staff of handsomely paid gorillas will inform you of our gay adventures in the birthplace of our beloved Pepina.


Pepino Menonito

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