Applebee’s America

On Wednesday, all of Pepinoville and Aunt Nina came out to party at the Dill Boulevard Applebee’s, one of only 14 in metropoliten Cuke County, as one of our home-town heroes, the much-herald author Ron Fournier, came to town to sell some books. Not just any book, mind you; the book Mr. Fournier was hawking was co-crafted by his own nimble fingers. With him he brought a partner author of Applebee’s America to sign books, eat snacks, and sip iced tea with throngs of fans, potential readers/coffeetable book collectors, and creditors (Papa Pepino). There was a cake, too (see above).
We thank Mr. Ron Fournier (hope I spelled that right), his partner in prose, Matthew Dowdnier, and the fleet-footed staff at the Dill boulevard Applebee’s for the bountiful book bash.
Pepino Suave Readers, I can’t recomend this book more highly. I am on Chapter 7, “Americans On the Move”, and would have finished the book by now if I could just set aside this month’s Mad Magazine and concentrate. I’ll include in my October entries some of my analysis about my reading (of Applebee’s America, not Mad Magazine. Silly) and encourage you to do the same by commenting when appropriate. The Pepino Suave editorial board encourages Mama Pepina’s comments to include her “outside words”. Children sometimes read this blog…

Con orgullo,

Pepino “Lector” Suave

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