Another year has swept passed us. Yes, today we celebrate Papa and Mama Suave’s 44th wedding anniversary. As we did a year ago, the Pepino Suave Editorial Board has packaged some marriage vocabulary for our esteemed readers, in honor of our beloved padres:

No lo hagasDon’t do it. Classic pre-marital advise with a latin twist.
Te quiero a morirI love you to death, or, My love for you is killing me.
Besame JuanitaKiss me Jane. As with one of last year’s entries, this one has little to do with the marriage theme, but is a classic meringue lyric.
Hay Pero Que Calor – Losely tranlated, Dang Its Hot. Another memorable meringue hit that refers to the tropical climate. Many tropical married people dance to meringue (so it’s a stretch. It’s 6:00 in the morning, fans).

On behalf of the countless Pepino Suave Blog fans around the globe, and especially Pepino S. and his siblings, Periodista, Casi Italiano, and La Monja, we wish Papa and Mama Suave a happy anniversary. You are the authors of our days….

Con amor y respeto,

P. Diddy Suave

3 thoughts on “Aniversario

  1. “…Pepino S. and his siblings, Periodista, Casi Italiano, and La Monja..”. Um, which one am I? “La Monja” sounds like some kind of disease, most likely skin related. Either way, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY mom & dad!!! May the next 43 be just as enjoyable – but without the headaches of child rearing and more soy.

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