Diet of a Monk

The Diet of a Monk works on two principles:

1. If it tastes good, spit it out.
2. If a rabbit wouldn’t eat it, niether should you.

We’d like to thank my father, Bompa Suave, for his contributions to this entry.


P. Sano Suave

4 thoughts on “Diet of a Monk

  1. I think that I’d like the Fulbright diet: 1. If it is yummy and you can’t get it at home-eat it while you can. This applies to chocolate digestive biscuits (yummy!), jaffa cakes, areobars etc.ML

  2. k onda profe!heheheh acaa saludando desde mex. durango….oiga mr. no tiene pensado volver para aca pa durango??………bueno ahi se lo dejo como tarea …adio0o0o0o0s… =)=)atte ..DaViD 3G EST1

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