Marge Simpson

My li’l brother, Casi Italiano, is the brain o’ the brothers. You do the math on who got the good looks. Pause. Anyway, Casi Italiano (CI) is a big fan of everything Simpsons. In fact, for CI, every real-life event has some kind of Simpson context to it. CI could link bubble gum on the sidewalk to a Simpson episode (CI, feel free to post the appropriate episode under “comments”, below). Well CI and his wife, Super Italiana (cooks with real butter) paid a visit to bucolic Pepinoville last week. The villagers and I kicked in to buy him a blow-up Marge Simpson doll, instead of the usual key to Pepinoville. He cried. He laughed. He hugged the still-boxed-and-deflated Marge Simpson doll. Then he hugged Super Italiana, crushing the box.
America, there ain’t nothing like family. Happy family. Huggn’ Marge-Simpson-doll-happy family. You can say that again.

Un hermano contento,

P. Suavecito

2 thoughts on “Marge Simpson

  1. I can’t recall gum on the sidewalk, but one time Lisa got gum caught in her hair. The resourceful but naive Marge tried everything in her arsenal to get it out; P.B,oil,and others I can’t recall. Poor Lisa ended up with her hair full of more food products than an Italian wedding.The flies buzzed around her head. Finally, it was just cut out of her spikey hair. And life went on in Springfield. Thanks again, Sr. Suave. More Marge pix on the way.CI

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