Hot Soup

Pepino Suave has got another hot new link for you cherished readers. It’s called Hot Soup. Either double click on “Hot Soup” above, or under the “Pepino Picks” column to your right to view this breakthrough website. It defines itself as a site that:
“… will create a new community of influence among those in government, politics, business and entertainment who make the decisions and those who want to impact them. It will bring the inside world out and the outside world in, and create a richer dialogue and stronger connections between Opinion Drivers across the country.”

That’s us! Pepino Heads are Opinion Drivers by definition. We’ve found a home…

The editor of the site is the distinguished, award winning journalist Ron Fournier. Ron and I go way back. I got some smack on the guy that I might share with you all in a future entry. Maybe, maybe not…

Un hermano fiel,

Pepino Suaveeeeeeeeeeee

1 thought on “Hot Soup

  1. yah. ron fournier is a great writer!! luv his stuff. he really gets it. all of my politic opinions are guided by him. i feel like my ideas are safe now that their from the mouth of that of mr. ron fournier.

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