We like to provide our audience with linguistic support. It is one of the many free services our readers receive, thanks to Bob el Gorila’s Mobile Laboratory of Yippee-Skippe Games, Songs, and Stories.
Grannyisms are the words and gestures of wisdom or rancor attributed to our maternal grandmother, Granny.
Granny’s lexicon was unique. It was a hodge-podge of the rich experiences of her life – from Bay City (“A good place to be from”), to Coram avenue, to the shores of Lake Erie.

Today’s nugget:

Goodness GraciousAn exclamation of surprise, dissapointment, or disgust.
Ex.: 1. “Goodness Gracious! How did you get that bike into that tree?”
2. “Goodness Gracious! Get your hand out of there!”
3. “Goodness Gracious! What’s that smell?”

Me hace falta Bingo,


3 thoughts on “Grannyism

  1. Senor, I don’t think “maternal grandmother” is what you think it means, unless “Bay City” is Pepino code for that Eupropean country with lots ‘o tulips.Pastora

  2. Querida Pastora,I don’t think “maternal grandmother” is what you think it means. What do you think it means? You know what I mean? I mean, well you know what I mean…And, Bay City is code for a town on the East Side of the state, from which the Bay City Rollers took their name. By the way, Pepina would be glad to sing “Saturday Night” for you whenever you wish.Happy to clarify for clerics,P. Suave

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