Boise Joe

Boise Joe sent me a hat in the mail. It’s a Great Lakes Storm baseball cap. Ironic, a Great Lakes hat sent to Michigan from Boise. I’m going to send him a potato(e).
Boise Joe, if you are out there, here’s a shout out.
Remember our Cowboy days in Durango? Remember the guys bbqing inside the Gigante supermarket? Can you say Carbono Monoxido? Remember the kids from the rival school that kept following me and yelling nasty English at me? Ah, to be a cowboy, again.
Hey, it’s still summer vacation. Think you could sneak those kissing cowboy pictures on the Pepino Suave Blog before students and their parents start reading my entries again? Give it a try. Dare ya’.

Gotta go see a man about a horse,
Pepino Vaquero

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