Li’l Pepinita and I have returned from our golf-light outing. The little knee-biter beat me by three points, and we lost in the go-cart race ’cause we were the only two-seater. The bumper boats weren’t as exciting as they looked. Li’l Pepinita spent alot of time spinning in dizzy circles, shrieking a panicky, “I can’t steer, I can’t steer!”
We returned to Tupperware centeral at dusk. The smell of rubber based kitchen products mingled with scents of coffee and a United Nations of women’s perfumes. Apparently, the celebration of burping food containers was a hit. At the peak of the bash, our parlour was packed with neighbors and other well connected V.I.P.s from the Pepinoville metropolitin area. Everyone who was anyone was at this gig, spending hard earned cash on products that will replace long lost containers from yesterday. I think sock makers and the Tupperware people have created a similar black whole where they maintain demand for their products by sucking previous purchases into oblivion. An incredible scheme. Alticor, eat your heart out.
Pepina and neighbor Cocinera scored a ton of free rubber for co-hosting the summit of plastic. Our shelves will be bursting with storage potential. We owe a big thanks to Tupperware for that. May you continue making what we really don’t need, but might come in handy one day.
I can’t wait to see my new lunch box with individual sections to seperate the veggies from the snacks, and the snacks from the entree…

Solo en America,

P. Suave

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