La Prensa

The Pepinoville Press headline this morning “Carter: Bush Hurts Prospects for Peace“. Our former president honored the Pepinoville Metropolitan area with a visit to some wealthy friends up in Pepinoville Heights. Gathered there were longtime friends and financial supporters. The purpose of the event was to raise cash for Pres. Carter’s son, Jack, who is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Nevada. Apparently neither his visit to our fair town, nor the fundraiser, nor the fact that Pepinoville Heights is hundreds of miles outside of Nevada, was as newsworthy as his remarks about our efforts in the Muddled East. Go figger.

Just below that bit of enlightening news is an article entitled, “Your Grass is Fast“. It is a shocking expose on why our grass is growing so fast this time of the year. The in-depth piece links both heat and moisture as the key culprits. The article even includes a graphic that shows average rainfall and temperatures over the past six years.

I can read the Press, eat my Cheerios, and become an informed citizen. Three birds. One stone.

Leo y aprendo,

P. Suaveson

8 thoughts on “La Prensa

  1. sounds like you want taxpayer-funded campaigns. Anyway, it’s good to have rich friends. They can donate to fundraisers that you participate in, not just political ones.

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