El Sol Me Pica

Pepinos Suave sits here, tapping out these words, sweating more than a cold glass of cherry kool-aid on a mid-day asphalt driveway. I’m sweating alot, for those who don’t drink cold glasses of kool-aid, or who are not familiar with mid-day asphalt driveways on a Cuke County July afternoon.
On your average day, no matter the weather, Pepino Suave has the fortitude of a super heroe. Ask Pepina. Alas, my kryptonite, my aquilis (?) heal, my weakness is what I’m trying to say, are temperatures above 90 degrees farenheit when the humidity index is higher than water itself. When gills break out on my neck. When parts of me I didn’t know I own chafe and burn like the coals of a thousand fires. When Li’l Pepinita fails to plead a plaintive and constant, “Let’s wrestle”. When it really is hotter than Hades. These are the times ol’ Pepinito tosses aside his superheroe bravado, slumps his narrow shoulders, shuffles along, whining a mantra of , “Man, its hot”, or “Hay pero que calor“. Fans, the heat takes the Yippee out of me Skippee. Lo siento mucho. It’s just that it is so hot…

Stay tuned for an account of how Pepino Suave endured carribean summers, or conversely, how the locals restrained themselves from pummeling a whiny, sweaty, bald headed gringo.

Hace demasiado calor,

Pepino Sudando

2 thoughts on “El Sol Me Pica

  1. Glad to hear that I am not the only one who gets crabby in the heat. Heat like this is why I don’t live in Arizona! The husband and I are waffling about a window air conditioner. It’s a yearly conversation when the temp gets above 90. Will we persever another year…stay tuned!Pastora

  2. Stay strong, Pastora. We’ve won’t give in, no matter how weak and whiny we are. There is always air conditioned Meijers, the YMCA, and our parents in order to seek refuge.Did Moses and his gang wayward of whiners have air during those short 40 years? Think not…We can do this, Pastora.

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