El Vaso Me Queda Medio Lleno

The world is going to Hades in a handbasket. Gas prices are almost as expensive as anywhere else in the world. Our globe is warming. Folks in the MiddleEast aren’t playing nice. The sky is falling, apparently.
Still, I get a kick out of the nice stuff that endures in the midst of chaos. Like tonight’s cool, breezy sunset. Or Li’l Pepinita’s piano playing wafting out into the neighborhood. Or the lady who smiled and waved when I let her into my lane during obnoxious traffic on A Pain Avenue. Or the kids in the neighborhood who just want to have fun, and have it no matter what. Or unsolicited “Te quieros” from sweet Pepina. Or a bunch of laughs and catching up with old pals. Or good food and drink without fail, daily. Or a hope-filled, take -your-breath-away view over the Cuke Valley ridge at sunrise from the back of the Walmart parking lot. Or parents close enough you can bike to, or drop what your doing and get ice cream with. Or grandparent’s eyes when they see their grandchildren. Or all the good that overcomes all the bad, all the time.

Que les aproveche,


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